cuprotec® - The Hypocaust wall heating system

ZEWU Efficiency development

The cuprotec® - Wall heating system is a product of the rh-tec Ltd.

The cuprotec® - Wall heating system is based on a Hypokaust heating system, and has been in use since 1989, for residential buildings, museums, churches, exhibitions, magazines etc.

The cuprotec®-Wall heating system as well as the border-skirting heating system has been developed and optimized together with Wieland Werken AG Ulm, the building consultation for sand lime stones Heinrich Meyer-Werke Breloh GmbH Munster and under the scientific accompanying of the ZEWU "Zentrum für Energie-, Wasser- und Umweltforschung" (centre for energy, water and environment research) of the chamber of trade Hamburg.

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You can reach cuprotec® at the following addres:

rh-tec Ltd.
Zur Steinhohle 9
D-99198 Erfurt

phone: +49 (0) 361-60 22 821
fax: +49 (0) 361-60 22 822

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