Technical information about cuprotec® - Wall heating system

The effective heating performances of the cuprotec® - heating elements dependent on the
heating-technical influences of the inlet temperature, the spreading, as well as the installation art.
The heating performance is influenced by the installation art (KS air channel stones, border-skirting,
plasterboards), the dimension (width, height) of the wall, the functional shaft height, as well as
window and door openings.

Standard solutions:

Type A2 in a closed system with plasterboards

Norm warmth performance: q 60K = 235 W/m

Heater exponent: n = 1,06

( tv,m-ti) [K]:
30 40 50 60
Performance [W/m]: 110 155 195 235
Plasterboard - Model

Open system - Border-skirting

( tv,m-ti) [K]:
30 40 50 60
Q [W/m] with a
shaft height of 12cm:
160 240 325 415
Q [W/m] with a
shaft height of 22cm:
200 310 435 575
Q [W/m] with a
shaft height of 50cm:
215 330 460 600
Q [W/m] with a
shaft height of 100cm:
260 400 540 705
Q [W/m] with a
shaft height of >150cm:
275 420 580 760


Detailed solutions for your project with the cuprotec®-System can be provided
on request, especially in the planing of museums, churches and exhibitions.

We will gladly calculate, prepare a preposed element layout and make a quotation,
for your project. With no obligation.

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