The cuprotec® - Border-skirting heating

Compact element

The border skirting element is used in renovations and restorations. It is used as a skirting.

The lamella tubed elements, heated with warm water, are taken along the finished wall.

The assembly to the heater is without difficulty, when the preliminary temperature stays the same.

The heating element is accessible at any time, because of the unique shaft facing.

A veil of warm air rises up from the border skirting elements and heats the wall. Radiant heat is then given back from the walls. The skirting elements can therefore be installed behind curtains or not to huge furniture.

Perspex facingWoodwork facingStainless steel facing

Modern finish in cupper and perspex is a wonderful eye-catcher.
Woodwork shaft skirting, for a
classical finish.
Stainless steel shaft skirting as an alternative.

Detailed installation tips can be provided on request.