cuprotec®- Wall heating system with plasterboard

Plasterboard - model

The plasterboard heating system is suitable for new-build buildings, restorated- and renovated buildings.

In new-build buildings the system is essembled instead of plastering the walls.

In the attic the system is connected to the thermal insulated roof.

In restorated buildings, loose plaster and old wallpaper must be removed before the assembly.

Sanitary installations and electric installations can be taken behind the plasterboards. However, the warm air behind the plasterboards must be able to circulate.

The plasterboard heating system is unaffected when the plasterboard is damaged. Therefore drill holes for switches and plugs can be made without influencing the heating system.


Assembly of the plasterboards for the cuprotec® - Wall heating system

Plasterboards fixed to metal sectionsFrame work
  1. The layout, of the plasterboards, is marked along the floor, ceiling and walls.
  2. C-Studs are fixed to the ceiling and the walls.
  3. Strap hangers, suitable for the plasterboards (approx. 60cm),
    are fixed to the walls.
  4. Metal sections are slided into the c-studs and fixed vertically to the strap hangers.
  5. The sides of the strap hangers are to be bended back.
  6. The plasterboards are fixed to the metal sections with self-tapping screws.
  7. The joints are then filled with joint filler.

Model E2I withThermo-skirting, for the Plasterboard Heating System Detailed installation tips can be provided on request.







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