The key to a healthy living climate...

... cuprotec® - Wall radiation heating.New-build building

The Wall Heating System was developed to create a healthy and comfortable room climate, with an energy safing component.

The technology is simple as well as effective.

InstallationCuprotec®-Wallheating is mostly installed in the outer walls.

Vertical air channels are integrated into the walls.

Build-out roofThe plasteboard system is also suitable for the attic,
renovation and restoration of old buildings.

The cuprotec® - Wall heating system can be used together with
existing pipelines and is combinable with standard heaters.

We will gladly calculate, prepare a preposed element layout and
make a quotation, for your project. With no obligation.

cuprotec® - Wall heating:Restoration

  • Comfortable and pleasant room climate
  • Healthy radiation warmth
  • The dust in the air is reduced
  • Hygienic room climate
  • Energy-saving operation
  • Combinable with conventional systems
  • Easy installation and assembly technology
  • Protection of old structural buildings

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