Projects - Churches: Restoration of the Church Brunn

Dorfkirche Brunn

Moderate heating of cold rooms with cuprotec® - Border-skirting
heating system

The church Brunn (near Neubrandenburg) is to be restored and modernized. The church is not only used for church services, but is also intended as a meeting house and parish hall.

Up to now the church has not been heated, whitch is an unfavorable climate, that causes:

High moisture contents of the building materials and the inventory.

High air humidity close to dew point with danger of condensation.



HeizelementThe used system has to protect the executed restoration measures, the plaster and the wood interior.

Crucial criterion; is the muffling of humidity fluctuations as well as the possibility of controling the influence on the fluctuation range.

Seen on a long-term basis, the reduction of the airs humidity contents, would increase the room climate and would lessen a damage caused condensed water.





Function and impact:

Verkleidung (roh)

By the application of cuprotec® - wall heating elements as a border-skirting heating to all the surrounding walls, the required heating energy is distributed in the entire room. This technology leads to a homogeneous room climate, free of movement.
A constant temperature distribution leads to a constant humidity distribution.

The interior would only be influenced partly by a low fluctuation and unequal distribution of the temperature and the humidity.
Compared to other heating systems; normal wall-based heaters, the masonry is not damaged by temperature - and humidity tension. The condensation is strongly reduced, which reduces damage to the plastered walls.

Bill of quantities:

Kirchenschiff (restauriert)

1st Pos. - Design

Basis inquiry,
Judgement of the building design,
Construction application,
Calculation of the required warmth,
Bill of quantities,
Constructional supervision.


2nd Pos. - Delivery and assembly

Kirchenschiff (restauriert)

Energy supply: liquid gas tank incl. all necessary fittings and inlet pipes < 10,00 m

Warmth producer: Outer wall thermo < 25 KW incl. regulation, circulating pump, expansion vessel

2 plate heaters in the social rooms

cuprotec® - wall heating elements (approx. 75m) incl. all distribution administrations and connecting pipes.

As well as a custom-made skirting-border, h = ± 25 cm.



To use the heating technology successfuly and for it to be economicaly, the project and heating
design must be planned very well.
Consisting of diffirent elements, for example: The windows, we recommend double glazing for all the windows.

We will gladly calculate, prepare a preposed element layout and make a quotation,
for your project. With no obligation.

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