Projects - Museums: Climate stabilization in museum rooms

Application of the cuprotec® - wall heating for the stabilization of the climate in the museum of Münster.

Museum Münster
Project: Proj.-Nr. 95/1697
Reconstruction Museum of Münster
48133 Münster
Owners: Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe
48133 Münster
Design: Engineering office Gerhard Kahlert
Hauptstraße 87
45721 Haltern
Tel. 02364 / 4781
Execution: Company Niehaves
Vorsorgungstechnik GmbH
Eschstraße 14
46342 Velen
Tel. 02863/1679
Application sort: Closed system with double air channels:
2x Fermacell plasterboards.
Completion: 1996
  1. Situation:
    More obvious became the halfhearted restoration work, done after the 2nd world war.
    Apart from the oldfashioned museum technology used, the structural stability of the ceiling and columns, of the building standing under conservation, could not be guaranteed. An inspector came to the conclusion, that the building was no longer structural stabile.
    The constructive safety was a priority.

  2. Museum walls: Exhibition
    The function of the ceiling and the walls, was to be kept in mind. Climate-stabilizing, not only the heating qualities, was expected from the used system. Crucial criterion; is the muffling of humidity fluctuations as well as the possibility of controling the influence on the fluctuation range.
    A constant temperature is required for a constant humidity distribution. Thermal tension and tension as a result of uneven humidity distributions, had to be prevented with the heating system. The avoidance of thermal air movement leads to a reduction of the dust load in the air.The outer walls were provided with a second heated wall partition. The tempered, circulated air causes a constant heat radiation between the cavities in the wall partitions. Fermacell gypsum plasterboards were used for the second wall partition. The Fermacell walls contribute to the pleasant climate.

  3. Function and impact: Detail drawing
    The different surface temperatures of the walls and ceilings, provokes different temperature and humidity distributions.
    The neutralization of the thermal loads (cooling or warming up) on the considered area takes place in combination with High-quality thermal insulation and with the heating of the surfaces. The warmth needed of a surface is covered directly at the point of origin. The outer walls were heated with cuprotec® - Wall Heating System, and an additional floor heating were heated with Floor Heating System. The extensive heating of the exterior surfaces causes a neutralization of exterior climatological influences, the temperature distribution and the damp contents of the air are uniform and shows only the lowest fluctuations.
    The regulation of the system depends apon the inlet temperature. This is important for the muffling of the fluctuations of the humidity.

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